A couple weeks ago Matthew and I displayed at the Madison VFW Post 1318’s first mini bridal expo. We had a really fun time putting together some looks for the event. We broke it down into four seasons and created a look for each season. We gave a sneak peek of the event on our Facebook page, but over the next few days I’ll try to cover all four looks we came up with in detail here.

Tonight I’m highlighting our “Spring” look. The inspiration for this look was the bright, fun colors that come to mind when I think of the snow melting and the flowers that will soon be blooming.

The Bouquet: A bouquet of mixed flowers in bright colors. Orange asiatic lilies, “Orange Queens” alstromeria, hot pink gerberas, hot pink “Super Nova” spray roses, green hypericum berries, bright yellow cushion pomps and tinted yellow wax flower. The stems were wrapped with white satin ribbon and then a hot pink ballet stem treatment was accented with hot pink pins. Fun, trendy, fabulous!

The Boutonniere – a “Super Nova” spray rose, a yellow cushion pomp, a green button pomp and yellow wax flower with a bear grass loop accent and a basic tape wrapped stem.

The Corsage: A bright colorful wrist corsage. There are so many new products out there for bouts and corsages. Why not do something different? These bracelet style wristlets are so much fun. The flowers and accents simply glue onto a removable plastic plate so the bracelets can be worn again and again after your special event. This corsage was made with a hot pink gum drop wristlet, a hot pink “Super Nova” spray rose, a yellow cushion pomp, and yellow wax flower accented with salal greens and an orange ribbon.

So there you have it, our look for spring. Up next… summer!


Megan and Mitch are Married!

September 25, 2010

A few weeks ago we had the honor of working with Megan and Mitch for their nature inspired wedding. I’m so excited to share the details. I loved the white and green color scheme, and had soooooo much fun with their flowers.

Besides ceremony and personal flowers, we also had the pleasure of doing their reception flowers as well. The reception was held at The Brink Lounge in Madison. It was our first reception at The Brink, and I think it was a huge success. We were really able to transform the space.

Onto the flowers! We created 3 bouquets, 5 bouts and 4 corsages for the wedding. We accented the existing alter plants with some beautiful white spider mums for a nice pop of white against the green foliage. The reception flowers were amazing… more on that in a bit.

The Bride’s Bouquet: A white and green bouquet. We made this bouquet with white gerbera daisies, dahlias, carnations, and spider mums and green roses, button mums, hypericum berries and salal greenery. The stems were wrapped with satin ribbon, then we used fabric from the brides dress to do a ballet stem treatment accented with pearl pins.

The Groom’s Bout: A simple bout made with white button mums accented with greenery and twigs.

The Maid’s Bouquet: Very similar to the brides bouquet, this bouquet was made without the white spider mums but added bear grass accent.

The Groomsman’s Bout: Just like the grooms, but with some green button mums mixed in with the white.

The Dad’s Bout: A green tea rose with a white button mum and basic tape wrapped stem.

The Mom’s Corsage: Just like the dads, but with an ivory bow.

And onto the reception! Like I had mentioned earlier, the reception was held at The Brink Lounge in Madison. Megan had been collecting green glass and milk glass vases for quite some time. We filled this extensive vase collection with greenery accented with some white blossoms. It really turned out beautifully. There were 20 tables in the dining room, and we had enough vases to add some to the lounge for cocktail hour as well. Here are a bunch of pictures of the transformed reception area:

Matthew and I had a fantastic time working for Megan and Mitch. We really loved the natural vibe of their event.

Kym and Corey are Married!

September 18, 2010

Yesterday was a fantastic evening for us at Alluring Blooms. We had the pleasure of working with Leslie of Blissful Events (http://blissfuleventsllc.com/) for Kym and Corey’s wedding at the beautiful Devil’s Head Resort. A stunning backdrop for a wedding, Devil’s Head Resort is located amid the bluffs in Merrimac, WI.

Before I go any further, I need to give a special thank you to my other, other mother, Joan, for all of her help yesterday. Words cannot express how much I appreciate her time and effort put into making this such a successful event.

Now, back to the wedding. Kym and Corey’s wedding was a beautiful mix of yellow and ivory/white flowers. They stood out beautifully against the aqua blue maids dresses and all of the aqua accents throughout. We were very excited to do Kym and Corey’s flowers. They really went all out… bouquets, bouts, corsages, a stunning arch for the couple to wed under, rose petals and flower cones lined the aisle, and the reception hall filled with both high and low centerpieces and tons of tiny bud vases.

Let’s get to the flowers!!!!

The Bride’s Bouquet – a hand tied bouquet of white dahlias, yellow roses, and white spray roses. The bouquet was created in the Biedermeier style… or concentric rings of flowers. It’s almost a bullseye effect. There white dahlias in the center, they were surrounded by yellow roses, and lastly, a ring of white spray roses surrounded the yellow roses. Hope to have a picture in the coming weeks!

The Maid’s Bouquets – a hand tied bouquet created with a lovely mix of white dahlias, yellow and cream roses and white and yellow spray roses. The stems were wrapped in white satin ribbon and the bride picked a brilliant accent, diamond encrusted pins called “Razzle”. They added an amazing sparkle to the bouquets.

The Groomsman’s Bout – A yellow rose with a simple bear grass loop. Simple with very clean lines.

The lovely couple wed outside under an arch. Kym wanted the arch to be covered in greenery and yellow and white flowers. She really wanted it to look full. We covered the arch in grapevine, then place a garland of greenery and flowers on top. The garland is made of salal leaves, plumosa fern and leatherleaf fern. We filled the garland with hydrangea, yellow roses and white and yellow spray roses. The end result took my breath away. I hope they loved it as much as we enjoyed making it.

And last, but not least, the centerpieces. We created 5 tall and 6 low centerpieces. The tall centerpieces were created in eiffel tower vases. They were filled with hydrangea, roses and carnations. The low centerpieces were hand tied bunches of roses, carnations and spray roses. At the last minute Kym asked us if we could provide flowers to do a bunch of tiny bud vases to be used as favors. I got on the phone and came up with yellow mini carnations and white spray roses. They turned out great.

Here’s a shot of a table with a tall centerpiece:

And a shot of a table with the low centerpiece:

You can see the tiny bud vases in the table shots. While the wedding was taking place, we were in the reception hall filling all these tiny vases.

We had a blast working with Kym and Corey, and look forward to working with Blissful Events again in the future!

Julie and Valerio are Married!

September 12, 2010

This weekend we had the pleasure of putting together flowers for Julie and Valerio. They had a beautiful daisy filled wedding with purple accents. Without further ado…

The Bride’s Bouquet – a small hand tied bouquet of daisies, lavender folies spray roses, dark purple matsumoto asters and misty blue limonium. I tried a really fun new stem treatment on their bouquets, I really liked the end result. I did a standard white satin ribbon wrap with pearl pins, but then wound dark purple bullion wire around the stems to give it a little sparkle. What do you think?

The Groom’s Bout – a single ivory rose with a tiny light purple aster bud, myrtle, and some misty blue limonium. The stem was wrapped with ivory satin ribbon for a clean, classic look.

The Groomsman’s Bout – a smaller bout, these were created with a lavender spray rose, a dark purple matsumoto aster, myrtle and misty blue limonium. A basic tape wrapped stem with a little curl finished off the look.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to snap a pic of the maids bouquets or alter arrangements. The maids bouquets were identical to the brides, minus the lavender spray roses. The alter arrangements were a small grouping of daisies, spray roses, matsumotos and misty blue limonium in a basic clear glass vase.

We really enjoyed putting together these pieces for Julie and Valerio. Small, cute, and very economical… what could be better!