Julie and Valerio are Married!

September 12, 2010

This weekend we had the pleasure of putting together flowers for Julie and Valerio. They had a beautiful daisy filled wedding with purple accents. Without further ado…

The Bride’s Bouquet – a small hand tied bouquet of daisies, lavender folies spray roses, dark purple matsumoto asters and misty blue limonium. I tried a really fun new stem treatment on their bouquets, I really liked the end result. I did a standard white satin ribbon wrap with pearl pins, but then wound dark purple bullion wire around the stems to give it a little sparkle. What do you think?

The Groom’s Bout – a single ivory rose with a tiny light purple aster bud, myrtle, and some misty blue limonium. The stem was wrapped with ivory satin ribbon for a clean, classic look.

The Groomsman’s Bout – a smaller bout, these were created with a lavender spray rose, a dark purple matsumoto aster, myrtle and misty blue limonium. A basic tape wrapped stem with a little curl finished off the look.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to snap a pic of the maids bouquets or alter arrangements. The maids bouquets were identical to the brides, minus the lavender spray roses. The alter arrangements were a small grouping of daisies, spray roses, matsumotos and misty blue limonium in a basic clear glass vase.

We really enjoyed putting together these pieces for Julie and Valerio. Small, cute, and very economical… what could be better!


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