Well, it’s been two weeks since I last had the chance to post. We have been blessed to have a very busy fall wedding season! In the coming weeks I’ll be blogging about our latest weddings: Sam & Juan, Evan & Ashley and Stef & John.

While none of our brides have had a really rustic fall filled theme for their weddings, when designing for the expo display a few weeks back I had to include some really natural fall elements into the designs representing fall.

So here it goes, our designs for the “Fall” display for the VFW Bridal Expo we did in September. We put together two different fall bouquets for the Expo.

A Fall Inspired Beidermeier Bouquet – A bouquet filled with fall elements. Beidermeier bouquets are created using concentric circles… almost a bullseye effect. This bouquet was created using red broom corn in the center. This was surrounded by a ring of sunset safari leucadendron. This beautiful burgundy element adds a wonderful smooth texture. Next is a ring of natural wheat. The wheat adds tons of texture and visual interest. Lastly, a ring of bronze spray mums, a classic fall flower. This hand tied bouquet was finished with a simple, natural raffia wrap.

A Soft Fall Bouquet – This bouquet was created with a mix of red broom corn, burgundy spray mums and pampas grass. The pampas grass adds a very soft feeling to the bouquet. I love the texture and color it has. This bouquet was also tied with a natural raffia wrap minus the wild ends.

There you have it, our two fall inspired bouquets. Up next, Sam and Juan’s red rose filled wedding.


Hello friends, I’m back to discuss the next up in the expo lineup:

Onto the “Summer” look we created for the bridal expo a couple weeks ago. I went with a more modern, sleek look for these designs. While expensive, orchids can make such a huge statement! A single bloom really is enough to draw attention.

The Bouquet: A small hand tied bouquet of green mini cymbidium orchids, green tea roses and bear grass loop sheltering. The stems were wrapped in black organza ribbon and accented with black and green pins. Small in size, big in personality!

The Bout: A green mini cymbid with a bear grass loop accent. Simple, stylish. Love it!

The Corsage: Ok, so I need to be straight with you guys. This is my favorite corsage I’ve made to date. I know I mentioned it in my last post… but I have to say it again: there are SOOOO many great products out there now. Why go with the ordinary elastic wristlet of the 80’s/90’s when you could use one of these beautiful bracelet style wristlets instead? This black metal cuff wristlet is so modern. I just adore it. Accented with black and green ribbon, and a couple green mini cymbidium blooms it truly is a piece of floral jewelry. And another confession: I loved this corsage so much that after our wild wedding/expo day (madness involving an entire evening into morning creating flowers for 2 weddings and an expo, getting 2 hours of sleep, followed by madness delivering flowers for said weddings, and setting up a full expo showcase) I wore it out to dinner. Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a flower junkie. I couldn’t let this beauty sit in the car. I proudly wore it out to dinner. What is the special occasion, people asked. Oh, no special occasion, this corsage is just GORGEOUS! LOL.

And lastly, The Centerpiece: The centerpiece was a grouping of three cylinders in varying heights. Each cylinder was filled with water, and orchids were suspended in the cylinders anchored to a floating candle on top. Talk about a great way to get the stunning look of beautiful orchids but keep costs down. And again, with our fantastic vase rental program the costs are even lower!

And there you have it. Our modern, sleek summer style. Up next: Fall